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We were treated with an afternoon of fun and learning of the tried-and -true techniques and mechanics of garden style floral design in a classroom setting given by none other than our very own member and "teacher" Eva Monroe. Even seasoned floral arrangers learned some new tricks. To the delight of those who were in attendance, at the end of the program, everyone happily took home one or two of their own unique arrangements. Thank you, Eva! Special thanks goes to Eva Monroe, Laura Outsen and Yen Bachmeier for providing the refreshments and special thanks to Nancy Hagosian and Anna Bolechowski for the clubhouse floral decorations. We are delighted that Amy Quirk took pictures and provided a beautiful slideshow. You can view it here. Thanks to Ingeborg McGlynn for the informative horticultural report and last but not least, thanks to Louise Bacigalupi for willing to be the impromptu acting parliamentarian to conduct the election of officers for the next fiscal year. Thank you to everyone who helped and to all who came to make this such a successful event.

The Merry Month of May is the time for our Strawberry Social. Monday, the 21st at 1:00 pm. Come and wear your favorite chapeau! Let Kathe Farrell know that you're coming.

As the world turns and as the Garden Club term year is drawing to a close, we would like to express our gratitude to all of you. It has been a privilege to serve as co-presidents of the Garden Club in this past year and it has been a pleasure to work alongside a team of members on the executive board and the committee chairs, who served so unselfishly throughout the year in hosting events, providing flowers in beautiful arrangements, baking, cooking, coming early to set up and clean up after events and for ensuring that our Garden Club continues to flourish. We look forward to another year of social and fun filled.

Yen Bachmeier and Kathe Farrell

Monday, May 7     Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Coffee Time
11:30 AM     Meeting Board and Standing Committee Chairs
Monday, May 21     General Meeting
10:00 AM     Strawberry Social - Don't forget to wear hat!
    Installation of Officers
    Chaired by Kathe Farrel and her team Louise, Pansy, Anna and Ingeborg
    RSVP: (415) 269-2876 or
Monday, June 4     New Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Coffee Time
11:30 AM     FY2018-19 Planning Meeting Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Hosted by Yen Bachmeier and Kathe Farrell at Yen's home


In Memoriam

    Trish Hurt, dear friend, beloved long time board member, passed away in San Francisco on April 19.

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