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The Garden Club's by-laws was updated to reflect the Club's present-day operation. The amendments to the constitution was presented by Co-President Yen Bachmeier and was voted to approve by the board on November 5, and by the membership at the general meeting on November 12.

We had an excellent turn out for our 16th annual Book Fair and Food Drive. Neal Sofman , owner of Bookshop West Portal and his helpers Susan Tunis and Katerina Argyres , literary specialists, came and shared their knowledge and enthusiasm for the newest books on this year's literary list. Members who purchased books that day received a 20% discount.

Our 16th annual Fall Community Service was a success. We thank Toni Buckley for coordinating this effort. Our gift of $1,015 was matched by the Black Rock Thanksgiving grant, which will result in $2,030 going to the SF-Marin Food Bank! Thanks to you and to the Forest Hill community for your generosity in this holiday season.

Guests were greeted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the clubhouse entrance. We thank the talented Nancy Hagosian and Anna Bolechowski for arranging it. After the presentation, everyone was invited to savor the abundant and delicious treats at the refreshment table. A huge thank to Ingeborg McGlynn and her team of artisan pastry chefs including Clorinda Aldrich, Angela Carnegie, Kathe Farrell, Kathleen Fong, Darlene Hartman, Eva Monroe, Pansy Waller , and Barbara Swor for providing these nourishments. We are grateful for Old Goat Mel who came to help with the set up and take down.

A photo slideshow of this event can be viewed here.

December will be a joyous month at the club. We will start with a decorating party on Sunday, the 2nd. Please come at 10:00 AM and help us to transform the clubhouse into a holiday setting. You will be treated with a delicious hot lunch by Co-President Kathe Farrell . The Holiday Dinner Party is on Monday, the 3rd at 6:00 PM. Our chef-in-residence Sima Talai is cooking up a fabulous succulent lamb extravaganza for you. RSVP now if you haven't done so. Come and share the joy of holiday celebration with your Forest Hill friends and neighbors. It promises to be a fantastic party!

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy New Year!

Yen Bachmeier and Kathe Farrell

Sunday, December 2    Deck the Halls - Presidents' Luncheon
10:00 AM     Party set up - Trees decoration
    Hot lunch provided.
    RSVP: Kathe Farrell by phone at (415) 269-2876 or email her at
Monday, December 3     Holiday Dinner Party - Theme "Christmas in Forest Hill"
06:00 PM     Cocktail Reception - Manhattan & Martini bar open
06:30 PM     Buffet Dinner
06:30 PM     Contact Kathe Farrell for ticket availability


Upcoming Events:
January 21 - Sloat Gardens - Plant Talk

Membership Renewal:
We thank those of you who have sent in your dues. Your membership dues are crucial in supporting the many wonderful programs we bring to you at our monthly general meetings.
Club membership directory is expected to be published and distributed in January. You would want your name to be included. Pay your dues now if you haven't done so. Thank you!

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