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Happy New Year everyone! The Garden & Social Club wrapped up 2018 with a fabulous holiday dinner party chaired by Sima Talai, Kathe Farrell and Eva Monroe, who bravely stepped up to the challenge and did a marvelous job.

Sima did magic in her kitchen. She brought us the delectable succulent lamb with all the trimmings. Kathe handled the RSVP, table setting, and then for those of us workers who were helping with the decoration, Kathe rewarded us with a delicious hot lunch. Eva was our chief decorator extraordinaire, who with her team of helpers transformed the clubhouse brilliantly into a festive holiday setting. Her enthusiastic team includes her husband, Old Goat Mike Monroe (chauffer, gofer, and heavy lifter), Old Goat Rich Waller and Doug Fong (sound system and manhattan & martini bar), Diane & Bill Wara, Clorinda Alrich, Anna Bolechowski, Lina Pritchard, Dottie McHugh, Louise Bacigalupi, Pansy Waller and our dear Old Goat Mel Bachmeier. Kudos to all!
Holiday Party photo slideshow can be viewed here.

A big thank to Kathleen Fong for hosting wreath-making day. Everyone had a great time creating their own unique wreath from a variety of greens and a huge selections of bows, artfully fashioned by Kathleen herself. Kathleen also treated us with two distinct kinds of yummy hot soups to keep us warm in spite of the chilly weather.
Wreath Making Day photo slideshow can be viewed here.

We can't think of another community where neighbors come together annually to share meals, laughter and good cheers to celebrate the holiday season. This only happens in Forest Hill!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2019 New Year!

Yen Bachmeier and Kathe Farrell

(all events are held at the clubhouse unless noted otherwise)
Monday, January 7    Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Coffee Time Co-hosted by Ingeborg McGlynn and Pansy Waller
11:30 AM     Meeting Board and Standing Committee Chairs
Monday, January 21     General Meeting
01:00 PM     Social
01:30 PM     Meeting and Program: Plant & Garden Care
    Presentation by a horticulturist from Sloat Garden Center
    Hosted by Ingeborg McGlynn
    Refreshments to be served.


Upcoming Events:
      2/18 The Art of Hat Wearing: Presentation by JR Neurge
      3/23 Spring Community Service: Rummage Sale
      4/15 Art Talks - FAMSF Docent Presentation: Early Rubens

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