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In January, we had the pleasure of having Jen Strobel, a plant expert from our local friendly SLOAT Garden Center come to our clubhouse for a Plant Talk session. We enjoyed Jen's informative talk which covered a wide area from fertilizer to bloom. At the end of the talk, Jen put together two beautiful portable container gardens with a variety of flowers which were then auctioned off to benefit the FHGSC.

We'd like to thank the chair of this event, Ingeborg McGlynn, who organized everything from booking the speaker, to do the set up, to coordinating the variety of fresh home baked sweets and foods on the refreshment table for our nourishment after the program. We savored many home baked sweets and cheese platter provided by Angela Carnegie, Louise Bacigalupi and Yen Bachmeier. Many thanks to Nancy Hagosian for the beautiful flowers at the entrance and on the refreshment table.

A photo slideshow of the this event can be viewed here.

A short video of Jen's demonstration on small container arrangements can be viewed here.

In February, the program will be the Art of Hat Wearing - We will bring hat designer JR Neurge to the clubhouse, who will show us how "wearing of the hat" is very important. Just the slightest off makes a world of difference as to the success of the overall look. JR will show you how you can change the hats you may already have into something different that you may not have thought of. It's an opportunity for those of us who would like a new hat or a fascinator to wear on our next Strawberry Social in May.

Join us!

Yen Bachmeier and Kathe Farrell

(all events are held at the clubhouse unless noted otherwise)
Monday, February 4    Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Coffee Time
11:30 AM     Meeting Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Nominating Committee formed (Sima Talai)
    Hosted by Nancy Hagosian at her home
Monday, February 18     General Meeting
01:00 PM     Social
01:30 PM     Program The Art of Hat Wearing
    Presenter JR Neurge, hat designer
    Hosted by Yen Bachmeier
    Refreshments to be served.


Upcoming Events:

      Saturday, March 23 - RUMMAGE SALE
      (Contact Ingeborg 415-564-3547 if you wish to purchase a table for your merchandise)

      Monday, April 15 - ART TALKS - FAMSF Docent Presentation - Early Rubens (Carol Porter)

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