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The March Rummage Sale was a huge success. Mother Nature was very kind to the FHGSC. She sent rain down to soak the earth for weeks up until it came time for the Rummage Sale. Then she let the sun come out and smile on us for the entire glorious day before she let the rain resume afterward. How lucky we were!

There were 10 sellers/vendors who purchased 14 long tables. Outside, the brick patio was decked out with beautiful paintings sitting side by side with tools, hardware and housewares at the entrance to the clubhouse. Inside, as treasure-hunters walked in, they were greeted with a vast array of photographic equipment from compact point-and-shoot to top level professional DSLR cameras and lenses. One step over, a long table laden with Persian treasures and trinkets, racks of scarves and shawls, Mycra-Pac coats of every length, shape, color and style. The jewelry section was a sight to behold. One could just hang out at that table and try on all sorts of Bling-blings. All goods were of high quality tagged at low prices. Steady stream of bargain hunters flocked to the Sale and many left with big happy smiles on their faces.

The best part was the social scene where one could hear chatters and laughter's reverberating throughout the building. It's a market place! The Club's photographer was too busy with her customers, so she didn't have a chance to take many pictures of the sale activities. Just a few snapshots in a short photo slideshow can be viewed here.

The refreshment buffet for sellers was hearty and filling. Many thanks to Ingeborg McGlynn for the freshly baked sweets, Yen Bachmeier for the coffee and bagels. Our big thank to George McGlynn for making signs, placing them at strategic locations and for helping with the set-up and take-down. We thank Dena Aslanian-Williams for lending her brand new real estate signposts which were tremendously helpful in directing traffic to the Sale.

Our April program will be something very different. It's time to get cultured! We will have a docent from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco who will come to the Garden Club to talk about an up-coming exhibit at the Legion: The Early Rubens. Don't miss it!

Yen Bachmeier and Kathe Farrell

(all events are held at the clubhouse unless noted otherwise)
Monday, April 1    Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Coffee Time
11:30 AM     Meeting Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Hosted by Louise Bacigalupi & Kathe Farrell at the Clubhouse
Monday, April 15     General Meeting
01:00 PM     Social
01:30 PM     FAMSF Docent Presentation - Early Rubens
    Election of Officers
    Co-Chaired by by Nancy Butte & Ingeborg McGlynn


Upcoming Events:  Monday, May 20 - STRAWBERRY SOCIAL - Officers Intallation

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