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Wreath Making Day under chair Laura Outsen and Louise Bacigalupi, was a very successful start of our Holiday Season 2019. On December 1, event chair Pansy Waller and her team decorated the clubhouse in anticipation of our Annual Holiday party the following Monday. Her helpers were Lina Pritchard, Nancy Broden, Eva Monroe, Anna Bolechowski, Angela Carnegie, Donna Earhart, Kathe Farrell and Ingeborg McGlynn. Richard Waller lent the muscle power to move tables and chairs and lift the Christmas tree. A very special THANK YOU goes to Richard.

The President's luncheon on decorating day was highlighted by Kari Rocca, who provided a very tasty chili. Ingeborg's emphasis was on desserts and a satisfied crew continued work after lunch till later in the afternoon. Welcoming remarks were given by the President in the beginning of the party on Monday, and the event chair thanked her team. Pansy Waller had worked with Knight's Catering and food and drink was excellent. The lovely surroundings of a decorated clubhouse, beautiful table setting and soft piano music in the background, made for a memorable evening.

This month guest speaker is Christian Thompson PhD., Department of Kinesiology, University of San Francisco. He is the lead author of the recently published book on "Wellness for Older Adults".
Dr. Thompson is an expert on gender differences, health, physical activities and fall prevention. He is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine serving as co-chair on the Interest Group on Aging.
Volunteers to work on refreshments are needed. Please join us and bring a friend or neighbor, it should be a very informative and timely program.

To all of you and your family have a very happy Holiday Season and a safe and healthy New Year.

Ingeborg McGlynn

    (all events are held at the clubhouse unless noted otherwise)
Monday, January 6    Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Coffee Time
11:30 AM     Meeting Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Hosted by Kathleen Fong at her home
Monday, January 20     General Meeting
01:00 PM     Social
01:30 PM     Meeting and Program: Women's Health
    Presentation by Christian Thompson PhD., Dept. of Kinesiology, USF
    Chaired by Ingeborg McGlynn
    Refreshments to be served.


Upcoming Events
February 17 - Mission Joy: The Hats of Kathleen Kelley - Chaired by Yen Bachmeier
March 16 - Spring Community Service: Succulent Planting. - Chaired by Darlene Hartman

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Please contact Yen Bachmeier (415) 260-5512 if you have not picked up your membership roster.

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