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The nominating committee has successfully completed the slate of candidates. At the board meeting in May, all nominees were elected to serve as officers for the FY 2017-18. Thanks to Pansy Waller for her hard work on this.

The new slate of elected officers is as follows:

   Co-Presidents    Yen Bachmeier
   Kathe Farrell
   Vice President    Ingeborg McGlynn
   Treasurer    Kathe Farrell
   Recording Secretary    Nancy Butte
   Financial Secretary    Yen Bachmeier
   Corresponding Secretary            Laura Outsen
   Parliamentarian    Sima Talai
   Auditor    Angela Carnegie               
   Louise Bacigalupi,
   Anna Bolechowski,
   Kathleen Fong,
   Maria Elena Hanley,
   Pansy Waller.


Our Strawberry Social and installation of officers will be held on May 15th. Louise Bacigalupi will be our host. Come to welcome summer and don't forget to wear your finest party hat!

As this Garden Club fiscal year is drawing to a close, I wish to thank all the dedicated members who served so unselfishly throughout the year hosting events, arranging speakers, providing flowers in beautiful bouquets, baking, cooking, providing time to take care of the business of the Garden Club. Last but not least, I'd like to particularly thank Ingeborg McGlynn for being such supportive Vice President. My appreciation goes to all for giving me the privilege and trust to serve you this past year ! I look forward to another great year.

Sima Talai

Monday, May 1st     Board Meeting & Luncheon    
12:00 AM     Luncheon at President Sima's home.
    Meeting - Board and Standing Committee Chairs
Monday, May 15th     General Meeting - Strawberry Social
01:00 PM     Annual Strawberry Dessert and Officers Installation
    Don't forget to wear hat!
Monday, June 5th     New Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Newly elected board members are invited to participate in a planning workshop.
    Hosted by new co-Presidents Yen Bachmeier and Kathe Farrell at Yen's home.


Thank you, Mike and Sima!
On behalf of the Garden Club membership, the Board would like to thank Mike the charming Old Goat, and Sima Talai the fearless President, for graciously leading us this past year. Onward we go!

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