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Once again we opened the month of October with a culturally rich and delightful program of the ‘Collectible Exhibits of the FHGC Members’. Louise Bacigalupi was chair of the event. The following members displayed their collectibles: Darlene Hartman – Chopstick holders; Eva Monroe – Ink wells; Donna Haynes – Japanese tea caddies; Helen Scholten – Paper weights; Nancy Hagosian – Ancient Miniature pictures; Saundra McCormick – International boxes; Maria Elena Hanley – Beatrice Potter’s characters; Lonnie Wong – Chinese Snuff bottles; Dottie McHugh – Quilts, dolls and White House ornaments; Yen Bachmeier – Unusual Ceramic shoes; Amy Quirk – A mixture of buttons (old and new).

Many thanks go to the ladies who baked cookies: Louise Bacigalupi , Kathe Farrell, Ingeborg McGlynn, Kari Rocca, and Pansy Waller.

— Pansy Waller

Monday, November 2     Board Meeting
10:00 AM     Coffee time – Hosted by Hosted by Suzie Curtiss and Pansy Waller, at the Clubhouse.
10:15 AM     Meeting – Board and Standing Chairs
Monday, November 16     General Meeting
01:00 PM     Social
01:30 PM     Fall community Service FOOD DRIVE
    Hosted by Toni Buckley
    Annual BOOKFEST - Presenter: Neal Sofman of Bookshop West Portal
    Special Guest: Kirke Mechem, Forest Hill neighbor, composer and
    author of new book "Believe Your Ears, Life of a Lyric Composer".
    See attached flyer for more details.
    Refreshments to follow. Chair: Yen Bachmeier
    Distribution of Membership Roster Booklet. Come and pick up your copy!


Upcoming December Event:

Friday, December 4 - Wreath Making Day (Chairs: Maria Elena Hanley and Ingeborg McGlynn)
Sunday, December 6 - Deck the Halls. Party set up and President's Luncheon
Monday, December 7 - Annual Holiday Dinner Dance - RSVP: Cathy Viehweg (415) 515-5667 or
See attached flyer for more details.

New Member:
We welcome our newest member this month: Michele Armanino

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